March 1, 2009

Self Defense Weapons

Real Weapons, Martial Arts, and Self Defense

You cannot effectively employ any mid/close range weapon without some "martial" training to back it up.

Being able to operate a weapon, and say put bullets on target is not the same thing as being able to use a weapon.

Most people who use a weapon like a stun gun, pepper spray, or a firearm for self defense neglect training that would allow them to hold on to their weapon in close quarters.

I can not find the static so I'll just say that "most" women who attempt to use pepper spray to defend themselves, end up having the weapon taken and turned against them. Or they get secondary exposure from close contact with their attacker.

That is not to say that classical martial arts training is necessary, but some form of on going training that blends the use of the body with the weapon is.

Also pet peeve, in a self defense situation you can not, "Go home and get my gun." If you don't have your weapon with you 24/7 you need some alternate backup self defense option.

So I don't see how a firearm or any weapon could ever 100% replace unarmed combat for self defense.

If on your way to a PTA meeting at your kids school and you had to leave you weapon in the car, because it's not allow on school property even with a conceal and carry license and some dude decides to "take your lunch money". You better have a back up plan.

Of course "most" of the time smart thinking will keep you out of dangerous situations.