March 21, 2009

Elements of Training

Form / Talou: Like a poem to help you remember what couldn't be written down. Talou are a catalog of techniques expressed in their purest form. They represent an ideal of movement and shape. Without resistance your body learns to express its self to its fullest potential.

Function / Drills: Are the expression of those techniques within the confines of the corporeal. Each pure technique must adapt and modify its self to meet the demands of an unpredictable ever changing environment. You learn to take the idea and make it material.

Opportunity / Sparring: Is an introduction to chaos, a free form
environment that is controlled but not dictated. Sparring adds a random element that forces you to adapt to the demands of Time (Timing) and Space (Distance).

Trial / Fighting: Is the test of your training. From the pure Ideal to the Physical application in the Unknown, you now add Stress. You must deal with the Psychology of knowing another intends you harm. You must deal with the Physical pain that tests the will to fight. You must deal with the Emotional frustration of resistance to your actions, and the weakness of your own technique. Still there are limits, so that we are always reminded that there are consequences to our actions.