February 28, 2009

Boxing vs. Mantis: a comparison

Boxing is a Fair contest. When one boxer throws a punch at another boxer, he has all his defenses to call upon. He has his foot work to evade, he has his body to slip, and he has his guard to shield. Each time he throws his punch it's just as hard as the last time to land. An oversimplification, but still true.

In Mantis, I'll lead with a punch and if, with all your defenses in place you let me hit you, I'll take it. But as I advance my attack I'll systematic remove each of your defense until a point when all you can do is flinch at my strike. I do this by stepping on or wrapping up your foot so you can't evade. I bridge to lead away and tie up your guard and then I pluck, push, pull, trip, etc to take your balance. Have done that my next strike should land with little resistance.

"It is like a knott that get's tighter the more you resist." - JiangHu