October 24, 2010

On the value of Martial Arts

"Kung fu" is one of the best forms of physical exercise. It combines development of muscles with self-defensive movements. It gives equal work to the foot, hand, and the whole body. Advantages are that this gymnastics is so amusing besides instructive that persons once having taken a lesson seldom give it up. In other words, persons stick to it without being compelled to do so and what this means is understood by all engaged in the phyical culture work.

There is a new meaning in "Kung fu" which is found in the work of the Chin Woo Athletic Association. It is mental development and moral uplift, based upon the old principle of "Sound Mind in a Sound Body."

~ S.S. Chow, 1919

Taken from

Jingwu: The school that transformed kung fu

by Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo.